20-Hour Supplemental Medical Interpreter Class

This medical interpreting supplemental course (20 hours) covers seven main modules, including preparation for National Certification for Medical Interpreters. Check back for next class. REGISTER NOW.

The modules cover:

  1. Review of interpreting procedures, ethics, cultural brokering
  2. Nutrition, Diabetes and Digestive Issues;
  3. Dental Health;
  4. Allergies – Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment;
  5. Emergency Room Situations/Extended practice with simultaneous;
  6. Domestic Violence & Social Service Settings;
  7. Preparation for National Certification Exam

Each module will include: Terminology, Cultural Impact in Such Settings, Procedures, Role-Plays. There will be a final exam.

This is a Zoom or Google Meet video-conferencing course which will include lecture, interactive discussions, small group discussions, small group role-plays and time to improve skills.

Total cost, including materials, $200 (to be paid in advance by check, credit/debit card or PayPal, unless you request other arrangements). Pre-requisite: Only students who have taken Highlander’s 40, 60 or 60+ hour course, or those who have completed an equivalent basic medical interpreting class, may qualify for this training. (Please contact us to discuss.)

For more information or to register, call Mary at 315-796-9284, or click this registration link:

TENTATIVE SCHEDULE: Will be posted when next class is scheduled.